Virginia Kay Houston

In 1965 I launched my first career and two years later bought a small business in the field with four employees which grew to six. In 1975 a second career began and both lasted for over three decades. In 1993, realizing that as a self-employed small business owner I had not planned well for retirement, I sought advice from a local professional. Within a year he had talked me into a third career. This is my twenty-seventh year of assisting clients in identifying their dreams and implementing actions to help them pursue those dreams. Retirement planning is central to my business and most of my clients are personal friends and acquaintances from prior business relationships. I feel my life experience has been beneficial to me in identifying with present clients and I look forward to their continuing referrals. In addition to providing financial services I still teach art on occasion and have the pleasure of continually meeting new and interesting people in need of professional assistance.